Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things I Like (and not-so-much)

New York City! Having just returned from The Grand Pomme itself, that tops my list right now! Mother treated sis and I for a shopping and eating extravaganza. It has been about 5 (4?) years since I was there last and I have to say, I need to go back more often.

Making it even better are gin martinis at Rue 57. YAY! A step up from there is the waiter spilling a tiny bit of the drink, saying “shit” and then bringing you another free one to “make it right”. YAY! Traditional French fish soup and roast duck l’orange with parsnip puree, wild rice and orange segments are other things I like.

Shopping at Century 21 for discount Kenneth Cole (and not reaction) shoes, Macy’s for Christmas decorations, Daffy’s for fur lined sweaters and Yellow Rat Bastard are likeable as well. I also like the fact that people in NY still wear fur! Good for you!

Looking at the statue of Atlas at Rockefeller Centre and realizing IronMan has legs like his is another “me likey” (if I may steal a phrase from Carrie Bradshaw).

The subway in New York ~ once you get the hang of it you can get ANYWHERE you want! Toronto, no more buses – subway! Take the 6 line as far as you can (before going into Brooklyn) and then one stop on the 4 line and you practically fall into Century 21.

Things I am not so fond of are being on a low grade do not fly list. Boo. Both entering and leaving the US I needed “permission” from some mystery person on the other end of the check-in person’s phone. Kind of like the banker in Deal or No Deal. I hate that show.

Also not good are accidents on the 401 when you are trying to catch a flight and you think you have left yourself plenty of time. When you do get through customs, your pants setting off the security guards metal detector is also not good. Having him put his hands down your pants, in front of your mother, well, if he had been better looking, it at least would have had a positive spin. As it was, not a good thing either.

Having a jumper interrupt your subway ride downtown is also not something I like. Nor is finally getting a cab only to have someone parallel parking hit said cab 15 seconds after you start making your way down Lexington Ave. Boo.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of it? New York New York!


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