Saturday, November 11, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I know I am a little behind schedule here, but, well, I had too much candy to eat first. Another Halloween has come and gone and all I can say is “thanks” to the usuals for making it such a great night. Bloody cold, but great.

This year we paraded up and down Church Street as Linda Richmond (KitKat) and Judy (Cell Phone Boy), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (The Boyfriend) Cyndi Lauper meets the Grim Reaper (CJ), The Headless Horseman (Lord Fauntleroy) and Chocolate from the Moulin Rouge dressed as Krishna (yours truly). Notably absent were the Girls in the Dollhouse. They hosted a pumpkin carving party on Sunday, but they were missed at the annual festivities.

All Hollows Eve fell on a Tuesday this year; a most inconvenient day of the week for those trying to plan parties. Of course all the “big” events would be on the weekend before. One however, still must make an effort on the big day regardless of whether it is in the middle of the week or not. Or freezing cold – which it was! Especially for those of us with no shirt. At least it didn’t rain as was forecast.

We went out Saturday night and on Tuesday. Apologies again to Cell Phone Boy and Mitch for the whole smoking incident; my bad.

I have to thank Cylinder (look honey, your own blog name!) for helping me with my costume. Not only did she lend me her jewelry and wedding dress– the only thing that kept me somewhat warm that night – but she also helped me shop for accessories. When I first explained to her what I was doing she said “go to Gerard or better yet, Islington and Albion”. I asked her where specifically and she just told me to go to the intersection itself. Somewhat bewildered off I went.

Now, I consider myself well traveled. But have you ever felt like the odd man out? It was like driving from Canada to Mumbai in about 20 minutes. I parked my car and started to walk about. At first I thought people were staring because, well, whenever I meet someone less fortunate than I, and let’s face it, who isn’t? (Kidding, if you haven’t seen Wicked, please do, then you will get my reference.) Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I thought perhaps I had a booger sticking out of my nose or toilet paper stuck to my shoe. But no, it was because, as one of the clerks pointed out, they “don’t see a lot of white people around” that area.

Add to that, the fact that I was trying to buy accessories to make me look like a bastardized version of Krishna, and you can imagine it wasn’t the most fruitful of trips. Tail firmly tucked between my legs, I retreated. Cylinder giggled as I told her the trials and tribulations of my trip and generously offered to take me to the “right” places.

Eager beaver that I am, I insisted we be there at 9:00 on Saturday when the stores open despite Cylinder’s telling me “they’re Indian, they won’t open before 11:00”. After a two hour coffee, I conceded that she was right. In the end I got all that I needed, with her translating along the way, and had to restrain myself from buying more


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention that you were THE tourist photo op that night. So popular you were. Oy.

7:45 AM  

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