Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sound Advice

Another Survivor night has come to an end. This time there was no Survivor as one of our party had to work late. By the time the soup was warm, the veal rib chops ready and the scalloped potatoes baked the show was starting and we decided conversation and food trumped TV. There is always next week.

The boys departed and I settled down for a portion of The History of Food and found these pieces of advice about drinking whiskey. Irish whiskey is traditionally treated as a tall drink in a tall glass diluted with the same volume of still water, and at room temperature. There is a saying that you should never add water to another man's whiskey, so each drinker is given a separate carafe of water and mixes his own.

The best blended Scotch should not have anything but an ice cube added to it and pure malt is drunk devoutly after dinner, like cognac, without either water or ice, and in a proper silence.

Well it is after dinner, and with everyone gone it is perfectly silent..... maybe a wee night cap is in order.....


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