Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Suburban Gentleman

Yesterday after work, I was heading over to IronGirl’s to help move her new stove into the house and pick up a bookcase. On the way, I stopped for gas. Having pumped, I went into the Petro-Can store to pay.

Transaction completed, I headed out and held the door for a lady. “It’s nice to see that there are still gentlemen in the world” she said. At first I thought she was joking but looking at her face, she seemed sincere.

As I settled into Liza, I started to think how sad it is that all it takes to be a gentleman is to hold a door. Maybe it is a Mississauga thing. I guess I am off the hook for thank-you notes, unlocking the door for passengers first and leaving my quarter in my No Frills shopping cart.

I once heard that the definition of a gentleman is someone that can make other’s feel comfortable regardless of the situation. Nice. The dictionary has several options but I like “a man with an independent income who does not work for a living.” 6/49 really needs to come through for me.

Either way, I put the call to all men out there, score some points; hold open the door!

A bid you all a good day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

here are our chances of winning the lottery. Fill a football stadium with ants, put a yellow dot on one, blindfold the person and give them a little pin, have them stick the pin the ant with the little yellow dot!
Keep opening those doors and saving little dogs from pit bulls and you are a true gentlemand

6:11 AM  

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