Monday, February 10, 2014

Completely unrelated

Good day and here is an almost mid-Februray updated. I can see how people would think these two items are related, but I assure you they are not. I only drink in the mornings on weekends and when out for brunch.

Item 1 - New Years resolution complete! 30 days and no drink pour, see what I'm doing, moi. And to break my fast, I have adopted CJ and her beau's "cocktail hour" philosophy at Lonsdale. And thanks to Kitkat, I broke it with Botanist grace and style.

Item 2 - Now you might think I'd had an early morning cocktail for this to happen, but I didn't. Too lazy to walk back upstairs for proper stockings perhaps, but I like to think of it as bad luck. From the attached pictures of my achilles tendons, you might think I have new boots and blisters to go with them. But no, that would be the result of frostbite. 

As the bike path was neither ploughed nor salted after the last snowfall, I managed to get so much snow built up down the back of my boots, that frostbite set in. I own a piece of the blame here as I was only wearing ankle socks so the snow did have direct contact with the skin. 

And yes, I felt the numbing cold but it went away which I thought was due to my building up of body heat. I felt the boilers were generating enough to keep my feet and heals nice and toasty. Sadly, this was not the case.

Apparently I killed enough nerve endings to no longer feel the cold and get a couple sweet ass cold burns to prove it. 

I do not recommend trying this at home as every shower is dreadfully painful as water gets into the cracks and groves. Wearing shoes of any sort is also proving quite unbearable. Listen to your mothers and be sure to dress for the weather!